Exploring the hiking trails of Santorini

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Hidden gems of Santorini
7 January 2020

Whether you’re tracing the steps of the caldera, or heading up to the island’s highest point, hiking is the perfect way to experience Santorini’s quaint little chapels, sugar-cube villages and views that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

It would be so easy to remain mesmerised by the whitewashed beauty and polished charm of Santorini. But if you really want to develop a personal relationship with an island that has become an international legend, you have to strap on a pair of walking shoes and explore its hiking trails.

You can trace the rim of the Santorini’s famous caldera, from the island’s capital, Fira, all the way to Oia, on the northwestern point. There’s a balcony view of the Aegean all the way, with quaint little villages and chapels to discover and, if you time your walk right, the sunset of your life.

Or you can follow the trail from the picture-perfect village of Pyrgos all the way up to Santorini’s highest point, with truly dazzling 360-degree views of the island and the sea beyond, before descending into Ancient Thira, first settled by 9th century BC Dorian colonists. The trail feels, in parts, like it’s been carved into the stone.

Despite Santorini’s clifftop landscape, the walks aren’t challenging. You can join a group and learn more about the island’s long history and rich topography, or discover the trails yourself. Either way, you’ll walk away with a feeling about Santorini you never expected.

Source: https://www.discovergreece.com/